Does anyone use this thing anymore? If we post stuff, will you read it? 

Are you there, Margaret? 

Yeah so band stuff… we had a blast with Elway last weekend. 

Thanks for coming to those shows. For real. 

We started demoing for our next record on Sunday in Aaron’s living room with Brandon and Chris. Chris recorded our demo. Brandon is his friend. Now we are friends with Brandon. (I think) Funny how that works.  

We are going to record all the new songs properly in August at a studio.

The studio is in Chicago, IL.  

We’re really excited about it. 

I figured out you can ask us stuff on here and we can answer. 

That’s neat. 

Ask away. I’m bored. 

drinkmyselfstupid asked:

Hey guys, how's it hangin? Is there any way I could get a hold of your demo CD? I know it's free on bandcamp, but I'd still like to get a copy of the CD. I like having physical copies, and I have everything else by you. Keep up the good work!

Hey! The first demo’s we had were put out by our friend Andee on a label called Little Buddy. After we ran out of those, we printed some more ourselves. We don’t have plans to do any of those on CD. There may be one or two floating around our merch bin. If you come catch a show we might have them left.